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Quick guide for beginners in gold ETFs

Gold is such an item that has its value always. It is your asset for a lifetime. If you are thinking about how to invest in gold, this is a guide that will help you to know how you can invest and what the ways are. 

Reasons why you should opt for investment in gold

  • Will always have a market value: Gold always has a proper resale value. You can keep them as an emergency fund and utilize them.  It is a metal whose value has never gone down. Even if there is a market collapse, gold prices will not be affected. It will stand powerful and for a long time. You can forward the gold to the next generation also.
  • Inflation too does not affect it: The value that a currency has falls if there is inflation. However, gold is such a metal whose price doubles during inflation. So, if you invest in gold exchange traded funds, you will never suffer a loss.
  • Can be accessed easily: Gold is such a flexible metal that can be bought and sold in a very short time. Gold can also be accessed very easily everywhere.
  • You don't need to know much about this investment: If you are not aware of the knowledge of the market or even about the economy, you will not face a problem while investing in gold. Gold has nothing to do with these things. You can buy and keep gold without thinking much. You will get a proper price while you sell it. Gold is one of the items which is very easy to invest in.
  • Helps in diversification: You can invest in gold to diversify your investment to suffer slighter loss.  Diversification helps in managing and balancing your investment portfolio.  Investing in gold makes it much more fruitful, as this field suffers a very smaller loss and the risk is less.

Fields in which you can invest in gold

  1. Digital Gold - Buying digital gold is the most effective way in which you can invest. You can buy and sell a small fraction of gold also under this scheme. Starting from a minimal amount of money, you can buy digital gold to the greatest extent possible. Don't think that your investment will not be linked with original gold. It will take the place of the money you invest.  You can buy them at real-time gold prices and get 24 K gold.
  2. Gold coins or bars: Gold coins and bars are traditional modes of buying gold. They can be bought from jewelry shops. Gold bars are very easy to store. Even you don't have to pay any making charge for buying them. Besides jewelers, many e-commerce sites also sell them.
  3. ETFs: The gold exchange traded funds let you invest in gold and enable you to market the units using the stock exchange.
  4. Gold bonds and jewelry: Gold bonds are issued by the government as well as some public institutes. You can buy them and let them double. You can also buy gold by investing in jewelry.

If you are a beginner in gold ETFs, you might have gathered the essential details about the same by now.

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